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Growing Lifelong Partnerships


From the beginning of this nation, charitable giving has hovered around the 2-3% average of personal income.  All the transactional and cultural techniques have not significantly increased our generosity for 200+ years.  We need a revolution . . .a transformation for increased generosity! 

Surveys validate that an understanding of the truth - God owns it all - is a key factor in donation generosity.  Once a person recognizes that they are a steward and that God is the owner, they tend to take more seriously the handling of resources.  Additionally, asking the "owner" for direction and guidance of the use of these resources becomes increasingly a pattern and then common place.  That's revolution . . .that's transformation!

Take part in our online course and improve your relationships with existing and new partners!  Together let's help our partners lay up treasures in heaven and celebrate with them a revolution in generosity!  

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Rich Haynie

Director of Development, OC International

Are you frustrated with paperwork?  Can't figure out how to use the USMC expense report?  Put down the Aspirin and walk through the expense report with us.  We'll take you step-by-step through the process of reporting your expenses.  Get your expenses back sooner without the headache.  

Note: This expense report is only for missionaries working out of the Mobilization Center, staff, and furloughing missionaries.  For field expenses contact your Field Treasurer.