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God's Design for Community

God's Design for Communities Book Cover

Developing Relationships for Godly Community

We live in a variety of communities, including family, church, ministry, life group, business and more. How we relate to one another will demonstrate whether we are living in ways that glorify God. One of our goals should be to interact with the people in our lives so they will be drawn to God, us and our communities.

In this practical, biblical course you will discover how to:

  • Cultivate strong communities that glorify God and draw people to Him and to your group--both believers and not-yet believers
  • Deepen your personal knowledge of the Bible
  • Grow in your relationship with God
  • Learn how to live out God's Word in all your relationships
  • Discover step-by-step, practical applications to enrich your life
  • Develop effective communication expertise to deepen your connections
  • Discern what others are communicating to you, both verbally and nonverbally
  • Challenge your personal and community core beliefs
  • Build rapport with others quickly, to enhance your interactions and communication
  • Create receptivity to your ideas
  • Establish a bond of trust resulting in long-term, meaningful associations
  • Break free of your fears and the security of your comfort zone, pushing you beyond whatever hinders your relationships

This course is based on the book and subsequent workshops called Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills written by Ken and Gaylyn Williams, a father-daughter team.  Gaylyn, as well as Ken and his wife Bobbie, served with Wycliffe Bible Translators. Learn more about the authors.

Each lesson includes a video, practical assignments, a forum where you can interact with other students, a chapter from the book and more.

Please contact Jim and Sue DeVries to request enrollment in this course.

This course is restricted to OC Employees  Non-OC users who would like to take this course, may visit the Relationship Resources website to enroll with them.