These courses detail the history and theory behind much of OC's ministries. From the Field Policy Handbook, where-in we find policies that show the proper boundaries in which OC ministries thrive, to the Objective process, where learners can learn the ins and outs of laying out and executing strategy for effective ministries, to the Foundations of OC, a history lesson on where we started and what we've built upon -- this category covers the "essentials".

This course will introduce you to Outcomes-Based Planning, a process for ensuring effectiveness in ministry and showing ourselves to be good stewards of people, resources and time, as we align ourselves with God and other Great Commission minded people.

This course is designed to Verify that you’ve read the handbook but moreover to:

Offer helpful tips for understanding the handbook's structure, purpose, and uses.

Review, in case you need a refresher on the handbook itself.

And Highlight the essentials of the material, offering some tips and reminders along the way.

A brief activity to prepare for Strategy Day at CORE.

This course serves as an introduction to and refresher of the Objective Process. Participants are encouraged to engage this material with their ministry partners and teammates to enable discussion and personal application. As you engage the content, you will interact with a lecture dictated by Ron Pritz where he lays the foundation for and steps to enacting this process on your field. Further, you will have the chance to develop your personal Objectives or work with your partners to develop objectives as a team.

Should you wish to engage only with your field team or ministry partners, please email in order to create a private forum where you can connect within the Learning Center.